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At Bean Addiction our method is simple.

We track down the big bags of this specialty coffee. This raw product we secure from the top crops of the world.

Everyone wants the fresh stuff, this is how you get it.

We get your order via the Bean Addiction Shop

We load the raw coffee beans in our gas-fired-up drum roaster. The rotating of the drum ensures even roasting.

This is our craft: The complex sugars slowly caramelize, and the awesome flavour develops.
Our beans go through this hectic, intense experience, so then we let them chill out a bit - rest a little. Take a day off.

Soon though, its time for packing and sorting
Then comes the best part: the deal.

Itís quick and easy and you get your freshly roasted dose by ordering on our Online Store.

Your Bean Addiction fix!
A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.