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STOVETOP ESPRESSO maker - also known as "Moka Pot" or "Stovie"

Originally invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. Many generic models have since been created, but there’s still no beating the original Bialetti. Now made in stainless steel it is beautiful in appearance and it gives a cleaner taste than some generic models. An excellent way to make an exquisite cuppa which closely resembles the taste of true espresso.

The stovetop is portable and relatively economical when compared to automatic/electronic coffee makers or espresso machines. Models come in 1-cup up to 18-cup sizes. Cup size refers to the Italian espresso size cups of  about 30ml per cup.

This baby creates a serious brew! You can have hot water/milk ready to add according to taste.

  1. Fill bottom chamber with freshly drawn water up till just below the safety valve – good water quality is paramount to an excellent cup so use filtered water/mineral water if desired.
  2. Fill filter basket with Bean Addiction coffee grinds (stovetop ground – fairly fine).
  3. Level off coffee - no higher than the rim of filter basket. Ensure no grinds remain on rim.
  4. Place filter basket in bottom chamber. Screw top quite firmly onto bottom chamber.
  5. Place stovetop espresso maker onto heat source – be it gas (medium flame) or stove hot plate (medium high heat). *
  6. Brewing takes a few minutes – depends on heat level and size of your stovetop espresso maker. Keep an eye on things – Your Stovetop Espresso Maker will make a gurgling sound once enough water has passed through coffee grinds.
*Xtra tip: I know we are South African but placing on the braai? Not a good idea. We have tried it!

Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every man the feeling of luxury and nobility. Where coffee is served, there is grace and splendour and friendship and happiness. All cares vanish as the coffee cup is raised to the lips
Sheikh Abd-al-Kadir (1587)