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Specialty grade:
The highest grade of coffee in terms of international coffee grading standards. Bean Addiction uses only specialty grade coffee.

The filter basket into which finely-ground coffee is dosed, tamped, and then used to create a shot of espresso.

The act of filling a portafilter with the correct amount of ground coffee for ideal espresso extraction.

After correct dosing, the coffee grounds are tamped (compressed) - ideally using a hand-held tamper - to form a “puck” for ideal espresso extraction.

Using a commercial espresso machine, the act of forcing water heated to 88-94°C through 8-9g (for a single shot) or 16-18g for a double shot) of finely-ground coffee at 9 bar (atmospheres) of pressure to yield 25-30mls (for a single shot) or 50-60mls (for a double shot) of espresso coffee within 25-30 seconds.

A layer of emulsified oils which forms as a colloidal foam on the top of a shot of espresso which has been extracted correctly.

Milk Steaming:
Using the steam wand of an espresso machine to heat up milk for creating cappuccinos, caffe lattes etc. This process injects steam bubbles into the milk, which, when performed ideally, creates not only foam, but also has a silky-smooth, textured finish.

After milk steaming, this is a technique employed to remove unwanted, large bubbles from the surface of the milk with a spoon before surfing the milk.

The swirling of steamed milk in order to prevent the different layers of textured milk from separating. If left to stand, heavy textures separate to the top, thinner textures to the bottom.
As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.